Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MOSA awarded in Kaikoura

Pumping waves at the Kaikoura Surf Classic on Queens Birthday made it hard for judges to decide who should be crowned the Seventhwave Most Outstanding Surfer Award (MOSA). There were a host of Kaikoura locals in line for the award, including Richard Baxter and Seventhwave's Al TeMoananui, who both charged through some amazing barrels at Kahutara on Day One. But the deserved winner was another Kaikoura local, Nigel Wiseman. Nigel charged the entire comp with passion and flair, and found himself 3rd in the Open final. Congrats Nigel!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Whale Watch Kaikoura Surf Classic June 2012

Kaikoura played host to the final round of the South Island surf circuit for 2012, on Queens birthday weekend. Day 1 was a beautiful sunny day with little wind down at the K, the ocean rolling beautiful double overheads at the beach for the masters, juniors, seniors & grand masters heats. Day 2 another lovely sunny day at Kahutara, swell having dropped to 3ft producing an awesome field for the womans, cadets and longboard heats. Day 3 was held at Meatworks, Meaties had possibly its best waves of the year on display, late morning was pumping to say the least, semi finalists able to showcase there skill on the great waves. 2pm Day 3 the southerly hit kaikoura during the Masters final and completely flattened & slopped the waves at meatworks, the competition was moved up the coast to Mangamaunu, where the bay sheltered the bitter southerly and provided long rides for the finals.

Kaikoura Boardriders Club spokesman Brent Proctor said the conditions were arguably the best ever for the three-day event, a permanent fixture in the Kaikoura diary for Queen's Birthday Weekend. 

A number of Seventhwave team riders traveled north to the event, you can see many of them in the video showing off their Custom Wetsuits.
Look out for Luke O'Neill, Al Te Moananui (Bright Yellow) and Niwa Ututaonga.

For more info and pics check out http://www.stuff.co.nz/marlborough-express/sport/7043574/Near-perfect-waves-for-memorable-classic


Mount Lyford/Whaler Grand Masters: 1 Richard Baxter (Kaikoura), 2 Neil Robb (Sumner), John Roussey (North New Brighton), 4 Tony Low (North New Brighton).

Encounter Kaikoura/Southern Paua Cadets: 1 Jared Crawford, 2 Max Marshall (Sumner), 3 Harrison Whiteside (Redcliffs), 4 Niwa Ututaonga (Sumner).

Surge Surfboards/Pacific Pools Seniors: 1 Haden Brain (Kaikoura), 2 Nick Black (North New Brighton), 3 Josh Thickpenny (Dunedin), 4 Dane Robertson (Kaikoura).

McCrory Plumbing Longboards: 1 Nash Robertson (Kaikoura), 2 Ambrose McNeill (Sumner), 3 Josh Martin (Westport), 4 Matt McCrory (Kaikoura).

R&R Sport Juniors: 1 Hugh Ritchie (North New Brighton), 2 Jacob Kohn (Gisborne), 3 Harrison Whiteside (Redcliffs), 4 Cody McClusker (Kaiapoi).

Te Aroha/Board Silly Women's Open: 1 Alethea Lock (Sumner), 2 Haley Baxter (Kaikoura), 3 Leilani Brain (Kaikoura), 4 Tammi Martin (Kaikoura).

Whale Watch Kaikoura Men's Open: 1 Hayden Brain (Kaikoura), 2 Anthony Hema (Westport), 3 Nigel Wiseman (Kaikoura), 4 Dane Robertson (Kaikoura).

Monkey business/Ace 4WD Masters: 1 Dave Lyons (Kaikoura), 2 Al Te Moananui (Kaikoura), 3 Richard Baxter (Kaikoura), 4 Aaron Surgenor (Kaikoura).