Friday, August 24, 2012

Xanthe Bowater: Competition Wrap Up

With the Worlds over Seventhwave ambassador  Xanthe Bowater is preparing to head home. She was part of the Under 17 Girls, which had 70 competitors they were randomly split in half early in the competition.
Following three days of grading races she missed out on the top fleet by three places. Xanthe windsurfed better than she ever has and finished with a result of Second Place in the Silver fleet and 37th overall, which is a good and realistic result considering her unfortunate ankle injury just before the event.

On her return home Xanthe will be getting her head into her books to catch up on some of the study and school work she has missed out on. But will be looking to her program for the next 12 months soon, with the results from the regatta giving her good grounds to work from.

We are very proud to have been able to help her on her journey and of Xanthe's great results. We look forward to seeing more from her in the future.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Xanthe Bowater: update from across the globe

Late last month Seventhwave ambassador Xanthe Bowater left for Europe to compete in the 2012 Techno World Championships in the Netherlands. We have received some updates from Xanthe on her travels and experiences so far and she seems to be having a great time.

Starting her trip in Poland, she was entered in a regatta with some of the best sailors in the world at a Windsurfing Club/Hotel/Restaurant with a great setup for boards and small yachts, Xanthe was really impressed with the Learning programs, Hire and racing course.
While there the wind  didn't get over 5-6 knots which was a good and bad. Good as she had only had her plaster cast taken off her ankle from a hockey injury a week before, so she could ease herself back into windsurfing without putting too much pressure on it. Bad because she had to do a lot more physical pumping of her sail.

With three days of European sailing experience behind her, Xanthe was disappointed with how she went, but taking part in the regatta helped her in getting back regatta fitness in a great environment.
Xanthe and her father were loaned two brand new RS boards to train on, so they stayed in Sopot for a few more days to get some more training in and get her fitness levels back up. 

She seems to be enjoying the European summer, and the challenge of competing and training with some of the best European sailors in  her class. It's a great chance for her to compare her skills and experiences.

From Poland the Bowater family travelled to Medemblik, Netherlands, where the World Champs will be held. They had an interesting journey getting there, with flat tyre's, stomach bugs, and accommodation muck ups, but arrived in the end, with some added sight seeing in there for good measure.

Xanthe is now back on her own board, and has training with some of the Brazilian, Hong Kong, Singaporean and Brazilian teams under her belt.
It's been good for her to see what she will be up against but Xanthe was looking forward to the rest of the New Zealand team arriving in the following days.
With the Regatta started we are looking forward to our next update from Xanthe with her results.

Glad to hear you are having fun and learning lots Xanthe, thanks for keeping us updated and we are looking forward to hearing more.

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