Monday, December 24, 2012

SheSurfs Wetsuit review 2012

Earlier this year we made a Custom Sandy X-Over for Hayley from SheSurfs in Sydney, AUS.
Here's what she has to say about the suit, the design processs, and what she thinks of us here at Seventhwave. 

Creating your own wetsuit is a pretty cool thing to be able to do. To choose your own colours, cut and style is usually something only pro surfers get to do.
With Seventhwave you actually have the ability to set yourself up in a Custom suit. They have a huge colour selection for you to choose from which allows you to create the perfect wetsuit for you! Panels can be mixed and matched to suit your own personal taste.
For me I wanted a spring suit as its starting to warm up ad I wanted some bright fluro colors to match the season. I chose the Sandy X-Over short john and asked for slightly shorter legs (as I'm a shorty), I grabbed some colored pencils and a blank piece of paper and started trying to decide on what concoction I wanted (this was the fun bit)

Once I had decided on the colour and design I had to get measured up so the guys and girls at Seventhwave could make the suit up to fit me snug as a bug in a  rug! I recruited my Mum to help with the process, which was very easy. Just measured up my limbs torso etc and filled out the custom form and I was set  to go.
I emailed the forms and my colour choice off and got a reply straight away saying that my suit would be with me in 10 days, easy!! YEWWWW!

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I was so excited I was going to be getting a wetsuit that no-one else had. It got delivered within 8 days and I took the morning off work and ran home and jumped straight in the suit falling in love with my retro inspired colours and the way the suit felt on me.
Wearing this custom Hayley suit makes me happy and surfing makes me happy so put the two together and I am one SUPER happy surfer girl!! It's super warm for a spring suit so its going to be perfect for early morning sessions this spring.
I fully recommend this process to any girl who wants to design their own wetsuit. The choices are endless and you will be guaranteed to get a suit that you love, that is original and that will fit you in a way that you never want to take it off.

Thanks Seventhwave, you guys are very clever and an absolute pleasure to deal with.