Friday, October 26, 2012

MOSA awarded in Westport to Hugh Ritchie

Hugh Ritchie (Center) circa 2007 at St Clair, Dunedin
The annual Cape Classic Surfing Competition was held over Labour weekend at Tauranga Bay in Westport. The weather and surf forecast for the weekend was terrible, with strong winds, rain and massive surf being predicted. As it turned out (typical Westcoast style) it was nice and sunny all weekend. The surf was big out the back but breaking into the bay at a nice 3-4 ft with good left and right handers, perfect for competition.

Hugh Ritchie from North Wai Boardriders took out the Seventhwave Most Outstanding Surfer Award (MOSA) this year. At 19 years old, Hugh has been competing on the SISA surfing circuit since he was just a little grommet (one of the original three little pigs!). He was outstanding over the weekend and firing on all cylinders. Hugh made three finals, won the Longboard division, got 2nd in the Junior U20's and was 4th in the Open Mens. Showing his outstanding skills in both long and short board disciplines. Congratulations Hugh.

The rivals all weekend for the award were dominated by the letter H.

Hugh Ritchie, Harrison Whiteside and Hayden Brain were all surfing well and in contention for the MOSA award. Matt McRory took recognition and fame for the most and best wipeouts.

Next Chance to win a MOSA will be at the Go for Gold Surfing Contest in Greymouth in February 2013. [details here]

What is the MOSA award and criteria? [Find out here]