Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wetsuit Tip #5: How to put wetsuit booties on easily

Booties just like wetsuits need to fit firmly and snugly around your feet to do the job and keep your feet comfortable and warm. They can be difficult to get on and off.
Following this procedure does make it easier.

For booties to be warm, they need to be tight, most surfers choose a size smaller than their regular shoe. A tight fit ensures no water will slosh around inside your boots.
Getting your boots on can be tricky. Luckily for you... we can help.

*This tip is only relative to high topped winter surf boots - low cut reef boots/shoes and dive boots with zips are easy to put on.

Step 1
Fold/turn the cuff down. The further you can fold them the easier it will be.

Step 2
Push your foot in as far as you can.

Step 3
Push against the ground, crawl/shimmy your toes as far forward as you can.

Step 4
Fold the cuff up, your foot should be covered by now. Don't yank the top of the cuff, this strains the heel and can rip.
Example of a ripped heel. This type of damage occurs when you pull too hard on the cuff.
Step 5
Gently pull the loop (if fitted) to slide your heel into place.
You don't want to pull too hard on the tab or the top of the cuff as this puts unnecessary stress on the join at the back of the heel.

Step 6
Wriggle your toes into position and adjust the cuff.

To take them off, simply reverse the process.

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