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What's SUP in your wardrobe?

Wetsuit Clothing Apparel Options for the Enthusiast Stand Up Paddler

SUP surfing or stand up paddle boarding has been the fastest growing water surf activity for the last 8 years now. The appeal seems to spread further into the community each year as more and more participants realize just how easy it is to get started and as soon as they do they get 'hooked'. Thanks to its easy learning curve and the ability to SUP even when there's no surf. Stand up paddle surfing is a traditional Hawaiian sport which promotes balance, strength and general fitness. It is one of the most aerobic exercises you can do while giving you a fun and exciting way to view your natural surroundings. Whether you are surfing a break or cruising a lake or harbour, stand up paddling is great fun and an excellent workout. Touring for long periods on a SUP often calls for hydration and food supplies to be carried.

Surfer: James McGillivray Photo: Steve Perry
Surfer: James McGillivray Photo: Steve Perry

What SUP gear should I wear? The answer does depend on where you live (water temperature and climate), your experience and 'how much' you feel cold in the water. Also, bear in mind lakes are usually colder than the ocean and the further away from the equator you are, the colder the water temperature will be. If you've come from a surfing background, chances are you will already have a steamer wetsuit (full length wetsuit) and will start with that. If you are new into water sports you may not have ever worn a wetsuit before and you will need to consider your options before deciding your path to 'achieve bliss' out on the water. If your hardy enough you will start with a swimsuit and work on your quiver from there. Seventhwave have been manufacturing wetsuits for the last 25 years and over the last 10 years the options in lightweight and combination gear (ie. combining 2 or more items to achieve the warmth and coverage you personally need or require) have expanded dramatically to give you greater solutions for any water sport activity.

Over time you will build up your own perfect quiver of water-sport apparel that best suits you and lets you maximize your water time all year round. The following options will cover you through summer and take you all the way through winter. The smart water sport enthusiast build's his quiver one item at a time and the smallest items can often make the biggest difference. Think about what might be best for you and then get the tape measure out and complete an order.

Seventhwave SUP gear options and combinations

1. SUP Water Shorts - Surf All Day Vest - Titanium Hot Top combination.
 SUP Water Shorts are a styley two-in-one wetsuit board short combo. Featuring side pockets and a cargo pocket for extra storage. Warmth and protection right where you need it.

The 'Surf All Day' vest can be worn over your wetsuit or with boardies depending on the season. Featuring a 2 litre on back hydration bladder and nifty pockets to take your camera and a couple of museli bars. Just what the Doctor ordered!

Titanium Hot Top's are pure magic. They are a thin, versatile top that can be worn by themselves for warmth, wind and sun protection in summer, or under your existing wetsuit to make a huge difference in terms of heat retention during winter.

2. Titanium Pants - Retro Jacket.
The Retro Jacket is smooth, sleek and stylish and will have you carving and cruising through any bitter wind or sea breeze this summer, whether you are on a longboard, shortboard or SUP.
Combine with the Titanium Pants that are 0.5mm thick and you'll be amazed at the warmth and flexibility of your outfit.

3. Sandy X-over short john - Rocky Short John (men's option)
The Sandy X-over is the summer onesie wetsuit that looks amazing on and is so flattering in all sizes. Zip-free entry system designed to slip on easily. Get in her good books with this functional, fashionable stylish number. Customizable with a full range of colours and show personality and flair. The Rocky version is the latest new style men's option just released.

4. Long John and Hot Top combination
The Long John delivers a hard-wearing, tough, long-lasting wetsuit designed to maximize your water experience and make it more enjoyable. Increase the warmth factor by combining it with a Titanium Hot Top and you'll have coverage for most conditions.

5. Buoyancy / Hydration Vest
The best for rib protection and flotation. The Buoyancy Hydration Vest is made to aid in flotation without sacrificing movement and performance, and combines the hydration features of the Surf All Day Vest. Constructed from hard wearing 2mm Yamamoto #38 neoprene around an inner of 10mm foam core — this item is designed for buoyancy without the bulk. Perfect for those who are confident on the lake, in the boat or kayak, or on the jetski.

6. Lightweight steamer wetsuit option
The Max Comp 1.5mm Titanium wetsuit comes in short sleeve or long sleeve. This suit is perfect for those wanting coverage in the warmer months without being weighed down by too much neoprene. Weighing in at 800grms it really is light and toasty and will keep you humming all day.

7. Winter wetsuit or full suit
The Max Titanium G&S Steamer is the ultimate in design and is fully charged with all the possible features you need for a limitless winter surfing experience. The entire suit is lined with a super thin heat retaining film called Titanium Alloy Alpha that reflects your body heat and also keeps out the cold. Every time you move, paddle, or expel energy, your thermal heat is reflected back to you—increasing heat retention by an amazing 40%.
8. Sea Specs Extreme Sport Sunglasses
These Sea Specs sunglasses you won't loose while out on the water. Featuring an adjustable head strap that just won't let go of your head. Polarized, lightweight, extreme sunglasses specifically designed for outdoor watersports.

 If you are into a mixture of water sport activities all with different requirements you can find 
What Wetsuit For Me? How to find the perfect wetsuit for your water sport

What wetsuit for me? interactive product finder

What wetsuit for me?' is a question we get asked everyday. So we've developed an interactive product finder to fulfill your needs. By following 2 easy steps the product finder will suggest a range of products that match your unique conditions. Whether you're surfing in freezing waters or wakeboarding on a summery Saturday morning, we've got you covered. Give it a whirl!

What do others say about their Seventhwave gear?

"My Seventhwave "quiver" of gear has grown over the last few years and all of it has given relentless performance and kept me very warm. I'm always getting good comments and asked about my wetsuits and especially the Surf All Day Vest.[more:]"

Craig Morgan
Ohope Beach Bay of Plenty

"I love my Seventhwave wetsuits, they are so warm: when I'm out in the water with my mates they are freezing in their 3x2 big name brand suits and I have my 2x2 Seventhwave suit on and so toastie. I've tried a lot of brands of suits and I think the quality of the Seventhwave suits is the best, from the kneepads to the neoprene.[more:]"

Michael van der Klooster
Bells Beach, Victoria, Australia

"These shorts are perfect for getting out on your SUP when you don’t want to look like a Russian gymnast. I loved these and made plenty of use in them in the surf. A great alternative to boardies when the water’s chilling down and the boys need warming.[more:]"

From Smorgasboarder #11, the All Black Issue.

Read more feedback and reviews and check our product range at 
or get your copy of our free eBook "How To Be Happy In Cold Water"[here].

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2012 Jucy/NMD South Island Bodyboard Champs

After Friday being a lay day due to terrible weather and onshore winds the 2012 Jucy/NMD South Island Bodyboard Champs Kicked of at 7am Saturday 19th October at St Kilda beach Dunedin. 

This event was the last event on the newly restructured BBSNZ National Tour, and there were quite a few national titles on the line that would be decided in Dunedin.  The competitors were greeted with a nicely groomed swell from the SE direction and perfect offshore winds, waves were in the 3-4ft range and looking sick! After a quick briefing on the conditions and the competition format the first of the riders hit the water.

Up first was the Jucy Open Men’s division. All the competitors were keen to hit the water
with some pumping waves on offer! Showing some early form was Ben McPaike (Greymouth) with a solid projected forward spin off the lip. Hot on his heels with arguably the wave of the comp was Jeremy Gantley (Dunedin) he lucked into a solid 4ft wedge which gave him a very deep tube which he came screaming out of and boosted a roll off of the next section, unfortunately he didn't stick the landing but he still scored high with the judges. Gavin Murdoch came out of the woodwork after shifting to Dunedin from Auckland and put on his fins for his first heat in 5 years, he quickly showed he hasn't lost any of his skill, picking of a couple of sick tubes. The other standout was Jolan Kilkelly (Greymouth) he went on to take out his heat with a couple of high scoring rides.

The NMD Dropknee division was up next. The riders set to contest this were Jolan Kilkelly (Greymouth), Ben McPaike (Greymouth), Rob Smith (UK /Dunedin) and Benjamin Hodgson (Chch). Jolan Kilkelly (Greymouth) started the heat strong with a couple of good right handers, one wave he managed a huge hacking cutback which wasn't completed but it still got everyone talking. Ben Hodgson (Chch) got a nice left hand wave which he did a couple of smooth turns on but it was Rob Smith (UK/Dunedin) that took out the final one wave in particular he managed to produce 3 solid, fast turns which scored high with the judges. Second place was dark horse Ben Hodgson (Chch), third Ben Mcpaike (Greymouth) and 4th went to Jolan Kilkelly (Greymouth).

Next to hit the water was the Surfers Skin U18 final and the Mountain Dew Open Women’s final both went out together because of low numbers (due in part to the terrible forecast) and because they were all from the same family!! The Vujcich's drove all the way from Napier for this event, which was a superb effort from a keen bodyboarding family!! In the Surfers Skin Under 18's we had Chris Vujcich, Alan Vujcich, and Charles Vujcich. In the Mountain Dew Open Women’s was their Mum Marguerite Vujcich. All 4 went out and traded waves for the 30 minute final, all of them showing that they have come a long way in their first year of competition, very pleasing to see!! Taking out the Surfers Skin U18's was Charles, second went to Chris and 3rd went to Alan, and Marguerite took out the Mountain Dew Open Women’s. It is great to see this commitment from the Vujcich clan and we hope to see them back in the years to come!

With the conditions looking at their best the call was made to put the Jucy Open Men’s division out for their final. Ben McPaike (Greymouth) came out charging and got a good first wave under his belt with a cutback to forward spin finished off with a reverse resulting in a good score for the combo. Gavin Murdoch (Dunedin) also started strong with a nice tube on a left-hander. Jeremy Gantley couldn't get into the right spot through the final with his earlier cramp possibly making a comeback. It was Jolan Kilkelly (Greymouth) though who stole the show with a couple of good waves to snatch a very narrow victory of 0.2 from fellow West coaster Ben McPaike (Greymouth) Gavin Murdoch (Dunedin) took third place and Jeremy Gantley (Dunedin) took fourth.

The Seventhwave Senior Men were up next in what was to be the last heat of the day. These are old guys of the bodyboarding scene in NZ and to enter this division you need to be 28 or older at the start of the year. Jolan Kilkelly (Greymouth) and Gavin Murdoch (Dunedin) stayed out in the water from the final of the Jucy Open Men’s both looked quite tired but battled on. The conditions had changed a bit by this stage with the tide dropping and a very light sea breeze coming up. It was local boy Aiden Dixon (Dunedin) That managed to sneak away with victory followed very closely by new local Gavin Murdoch (Dunedin) with Jolan Kilkelly (Greymouth) in third and Brad Dennison (Timaru) in fourth place.

The Dunedin event is always held in the memory of local bodyboarder Dion Wells who sadly passed a number of years back. Unfortunately another local bodyboarder in Dan Wadsworth was also lost to us in the past 12 months and both guys were on our minds throughout the event. Our respects to both of their families and may Dion and Dan both be eternally barreled and hitting perfect ramps on the other side.

A big thank you to all that helped make this event possible especially the sponsors:

Surfers Skin
Seventh Wave
Mountain Dew


Jucy Open Men:
1st Jolan Kilkelly (Greymouth)
2nd Ben Mcpaike (Greymouth)
3rd Gavin Murdoch (Dunedin)
4th Jeremy Gantley (Dunedin)

NMD Dropknee:
1st Rob Smith (UK/Dunedin)
2nd Ben Hodgson (Chch)
3rd Ben Mcpaike (Greymouth)
4th Jolan Kilkelly (Greymouth)

Surfers Skin U18:
1st Charles Vujcich (Napier)
2nd Chris Vujcich (Napier)
3rd Alan Vujcich (Napier)

Seventh Wave Senior Men:
1st Aiden Dixon (Dunedin)
2nd Gavin Murdoch (Dunedin)
3rd Jolan Kilkelly (Greymouth)
4th Brad Dennison (Timaru)

Mountain Dew Open Women:
1st Marguerite Vujcich (Napier)

Tour dates for 2013

Friday, February 1, 2013

Canterbury Kiteboard Championship

Competitors in the Canterbury Kiteboard Champs - January 2013

The 2013 Canterbury Kiteboarding Champs got off to a great start with 30 riders turning up to entertain the crowd with their electrifying riding ability. The competition was held on the weekend of the 26th and 27th of January.

Saturday was warm and clear but not much wind so it was time for a SUP race (Stand Up Paddle board), Aaron Smith set a blistering pace while Dave from Australia found it easier going in reverse.
A bit of wind came through so the juniors were sent out for their contest where Jae Smith, aged 11 managed to beat Ethan Waitoa aged 10, both riders putting on a good display.
Next up party time- (Nathan and Ariana put on a dam good do, cheers guys).

Sunday started slowly for a few but by lunchtime the wind had picked up to 15 knots, and it was racing time. Tim Stockman showing his skills by claiming first place. By the end of the race the wind had picked up to 18 knots, enough to get the freestyle contest underway. All contestants throwing down tricks of the highest level to determine the Canterbury champion.
The prize giving, held at the Speights Ale House rounded up the weekend with the entrants getting the pick of the fantastic prizes supplied by our sponsors.

Congratulations to Fenella Mills who won the ASP kiteboard. Thanks to all the riders for some great entertainment, everyone who helped in setting up and running of the contest and the judges for their amazing effort.

A BIG thanks to the sponsors for their awesome support of this event.
-ASP Kiteboards
-Groundswell Sports
-Seventhwave Wetsuits
- Duke Sunglasses
-Speights Ale House

Open: Jackson Mills (1), Martin Harris (2), Anthony Hopkins (3)

Women: Jo Brody (1), Kim Bunt (2), Britta Kappel (3)

Masters: Jonas Egnelius (1), Scoota (2), Alex Bec (3)

Legends: Blair Cookie (1), Karl Soulos (2), Aaron Smith (3)

Juniors: Anthony Hopkins (1), Jae Smith (2), Ethan Waitoa (3)

Race: Tim Stockman (1), Mike Dibb (2), John Thyne (3), Martin Harris (4), Craig Knights (5)

SUP: Aaron 2:09, Cookie 2:22, Mike 2:31, Karl 2:38, Nathen 2:38

SUP Woman: Ariana, Alisha, Arvene

From more information about any club events or to join check the website at