Monday, December 24, 2012

SheSurfs Wetsuit review 2012

Earlier this year we made a Custom Sandy X-Over for Hayley from SheSurfs in Sydney, AUS.
Here's what she has to say about the suit, the design processs, and what she thinks of us here at Seventhwave. 

Creating your own wetsuit is a pretty cool thing to be able to do. To choose your own colours, cut and style is usually something only pro surfers get to do.
With Seventhwave you actually have the ability to set yourself up in a Custom suit. They have a huge colour selection for you to choose from which allows you to create the perfect wetsuit for you! Panels can be mixed and matched to suit your own personal taste.
For me I wanted a spring suit as its starting to warm up ad I wanted some bright fluro colors to match the season. I chose the Sandy X-Over short john and asked for slightly shorter legs (as I'm a shorty), I grabbed some colored pencils and a blank piece of paper and started trying to decide on what concoction I wanted (this was the fun bit)

Once I had decided on the colour and design I had to get measured up so the guys and girls at Seventhwave could make the suit up to fit me snug as a bug in a  rug! I recruited my Mum to help with the process, which was very easy. Just measured up my limbs torso etc and filled out the custom form and I was set  to go.
I emailed the forms and my colour choice off and got a reply straight away saying that my suit would be with me in 10 days, easy!! YEWWWW!

Photo from

I was so excited I was going to be getting a wetsuit that no-one else had. It got delivered within 8 days and I took the morning off work and ran home and jumped straight in the suit falling in love with my retro inspired colours and the way the suit felt on me.
Wearing this custom Hayley suit makes me happy and surfing makes me happy so put the two together and I am one SUPER happy surfer girl!! It's super warm for a spring suit so its going to be perfect for early morning sessions this spring.
I fully recommend this process to any girl who wants to design their own wetsuit. The choices are endless and you will be guaranteed to get a suit that you love, that is original and that will fit you in a way that you never want to take it off.

Thanks Seventhwave, you guys are very clever and an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


The Learn to Surf surf school has been providing a range of surf lessons and water safety instruction for over 10 years. It is owned and operated by one of the most experienced surfing and bodyboard instructors in the business: Aaron Lock. Aaron soon found it was the perfect job for someone with a healthy surfing addiction, as coaching allowing him to spend maximum time in the water.

 Aaron has over 27 years surfing experience with many competition titles to his name, recently taking out the Masters Division in the 2012 Cape Classic. He has been coaching full-time since taking over the school and is fully qualified, with an International Surf Association (ISA) Level 1 and New Zealand Level 2 coaching certifications.
Aaron also plays a critical role in the Canterbury Scholastics Surf Team, with many years of coaching and managing the team. He is also regularly involved in judging local and National Surf competition as a Level 1 ISA surf judge.
You can find the Learn to Surf van on the corner of the Esplanade and Stoke St in Sumner, a picturesque surf beach 20 minutes from the centre of Christchurch. Despite the February 2011 earthquake closing Sumner and other local beaches for 8 months (due to sewerage overflow) and forcing the surf school to relocate to the less affected beaches of Taylors Mistake and Waikuku, the ocean is now clean and Sumner is open again for play.
The waves in Sumner are gentle rollers, which is ideal for beginners. There are other beaches nearby (Taylors, Brighton, or even Waikuku) providing a good alternative if the conditions aren't appropriate on the day.

Learn to Surf offers a range of surf lesson package deals to help perfect your surfing style. Any skill level is welcome—from beginner to advanced, they have you covered. Also on the menu are bodyboard and longboard lessons, corporate/team building, surf safe (an introduction to water safety), kids parties and primary and intermediate school lessons.
All necessary gear is provided for the day, namely soft top surfboards and 3/2 Seventhwave wetsuits. Lessons are two hours—the first half hour is on the beach, outlining safety and techniques; you then head to the water to practice the real thing. After the lesson, all gear is available for a further two hours to play in the water and practice everything you've learnt.

Main group sessions start around October and finish in May, but don't worry if you have missed out because private lessons are available all year round.

Beginner Learn to Surf classes cost $70 (this includes all the gear you'll need, a bargain for 4 hours of surfing!).

For the full price list: 
So if you're in the South Island and thinking about learning to surf, surf your way to the website or give Aaron a call.
0800 80 SURF (0800 80 7873)

Friday, October 26, 2012

MOSA awarded in Westport to Hugh Ritchie

Hugh Ritchie (Center) circa 2007 at St Clair, Dunedin
The annual Cape Classic Surfing Competition was held over Labour weekend at Tauranga Bay in Westport. The weather and surf forecast for the weekend was terrible, with strong winds, rain and massive surf being predicted. As it turned out (typical Westcoast style) it was nice and sunny all weekend. The surf was big out the back but breaking into the bay at a nice 3-4 ft with good left and right handers, perfect for competition.

Hugh Ritchie from North Wai Boardriders took out the Seventhwave Most Outstanding Surfer Award (MOSA) this year. At 19 years old, Hugh has been competing on the SISA surfing circuit since he was just a little grommet (one of the original three little pigs!). He was outstanding over the weekend and firing on all cylinders. Hugh made three finals, won the Longboard division, got 2nd in the Junior U20's and was 4th in the Open Mens. Showing his outstanding skills in both long and short board disciplines. Congratulations Hugh.

The rivals all weekend for the award were dominated by the letter H.

Hugh Ritchie, Harrison Whiteside and Hayden Brain were all surfing well and in contention for the MOSA award. Matt McRory took recognition and fame for the most and best wipeouts.

Next Chance to win a MOSA will be at the Go for Gold Surfing Contest in Greymouth in February 2013. [details here]

What is the MOSA award and criteria? [Find out here]

Friday, August 24, 2012

Xanthe Bowater: Competition Wrap Up

With the Worlds over Seventhwave ambassador  Xanthe Bowater is preparing to head home. She was part of the Under 17 Girls, which had 70 competitors they were randomly split in half early in the competition.
Following three days of grading races she missed out on the top fleet by three places. Xanthe windsurfed better than she ever has and finished with a result of Second Place in the Silver fleet and 37th overall, which is a good and realistic result considering her unfortunate ankle injury just before the event.

On her return home Xanthe will be getting her head into her books to catch up on some of the study and school work she has missed out on. But will be looking to her program for the next 12 months soon, with the results from the regatta giving her good grounds to work from.

We are very proud to have been able to help her on her journey and of Xanthe's great results. We look forward to seeing more from her in the future.

 Xanthe also has support from the following companies:

Friday, August 17, 2012

Xanthe Bowater: update from across the globe

Late last month Seventhwave ambassador Xanthe Bowater left for Europe to compete in the 2012 Techno World Championships in the Netherlands. We have received some updates from Xanthe on her travels and experiences so far and she seems to be having a great time.

Starting her trip in Poland, she was entered in a regatta with some of the best sailors in the world at a Windsurfing Club/Hotel/Restaurant with a great setup for boards and small yachts, Xanthe was really impressed with the Learning programs, Hire and racing course.
While there the wind  didn't get over 5-6 knots which was a good and bad. Good as she had only had her plaster cast taken off her ankle from a hockey injury a week before, so she could ease herself back into windsurfing without putting too much pressure on it. Bad because she had to do a lot more physical pumping of her sail.

With three days of European sailing experience behind her, Xanthe was disappointed with how she went, but taking part in the regatta helped her in getting back regatta fitness in a great environment.
Xanthe and her father were loaned two brand new RS boards to train on, so they stayed in Sopot for a few more days to get some more training in and get her fitness levels back up. 

She seems to be enjoying the European summer, and the challenge of competing and training with some of the best European sailors in  her class. It's a great chance for her to compare her skills and experiences.

From Poland the Bowater family travelled to Medemblik, Netherlands, where the World Champs will be held. They had an interesting journey getting there, with flat tyre's, stomach bugs, and accommodation muck ups, but arrived in the end, with some added sight seeing in there for good measure.

Xanthe is now back on her own board, and has training with some of the Brazilian, Hong Kong, Singaporean and Brazilian teams under her belt.
It's been good for her to see what she will be up against but Xanthe was looking forward to the rest of the New Zealand team arriving in the following days.
With the Regatta started we are looking forward to our next update from Xanthe with her results.

Glad to hear you are having fun and learning lots Xanthe, thanks for keeping us updated and we are looking forward to hearing more.

Xanthe also has support from the following companies:

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Explosions in the deep: how Daniel Kereopa survived Papatowai


Remember that explosion of a wave at Papatowai back in 2006? We'd almost forgotten... until we were reminded by the latest issue of free surf magazine Smorgasboarder, which is dedicated to surf travel and includes a feature on surfing big waves in Dunedin. As you know the whole deep south of the South Island is wave rich, especially the Catlin's Papatowai—a break exposed to the full force of the Southern Ocean. This right-hand reef break has a massive steep ledge takeoff, followed by a 300 meter ride that starts working at 10ft and can easily reach 30ft plus.

After the Smorgasboarder team had contacted us about being in the magazine, we thought of that nutty wave. For it was at Papatowai back in 2006 that Daniel Kereopa—then sponsored by Seventhwave—stroked into what was called 'New Zealand's biggest paddle-in wave', earning him the cover of Kiwi Surf and the Oakley/ASL $25,000 Big Wave Award (for non-jetski assist). "I just paddled and paddled, it didn't let me in that easy as the wind was offshore" recalles Daniel about his 42ft (13m) wave. "I got over the ledge and felt the board go and held my line. That was definitely one of the best surfing days I've ever experienced." 

Captured by numerous photographers, none better than Mark Stevenson who was shooting from the water for a number of hours, had the best position and  the angle for the bomb wave. It was an incredible day. It was world-class and as good as [Hawaii's] Waimea Bay when it's been pumping.

Daniel had been out in snow-lined, 7-8˚C waters for over 7 hours. How did he survive? In one of our early MAX models, built with an attached hood for the occasion. We thought we'd give Dan a call after all these years to ask him how his MAX fared:

“That day was the first time I put on my purpose-built MAX and nerves were running high. I'd chosen red for safety, just in case I'd die or something (laughs). With attached hood, gloves and booties—and the adrenaline pumping—I didn't feel the cold at all. I was out paddling for over 7 hours. The custom-fit meant I wasn't restricted at all, allowing me to paddle into the bigger ones. In fact I still wear that wetsuit today on the really cold days: that's the mark of a quality wetsuit.”

The MAX was put through its paces in some of the hardest conditions around, and passed with flying colours. Since then we've tinkered and tailored the hooded MAX into the trusty model it is today, including the versatile interchangeable hood option.

MAX 4/3 with interchangeable hood. click here for more info

Friday, July 20, 2012

Kiwi champ off to the 2012 TECHNO 293 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS

Meet Xanthe Bowater, 16 year old windsurfer from Lyttelton. Brought up in a sailing family so yachting is certainly strongly in Xanthe’s genes. She has been racing dinghies since she was eight years of age and commenced windsurfing shortly after. She is the only South Island windsurfer competing in National course racing events, and one of only a handful of top young Female Windsurfers in New Zealand.
Xanthe entered in her first competition at 13 and won the North Island title that same year. The following year she was Nationals under 15 champion then kicked off her International career, competing in New Caledonia, and taking a podium position at just 14 years old.
In 2011 Xanthe headed over to San Francisco with six other keen young windsurfers to represent New Zealand at the Techno 293 World Champs.
Her results for the last season have been impressive, achieving top places in every competition she enters. This is her first season in slalom racing; she won the Canterbury Championships Junior event and was the youngest female competitor of the Nationals. Winning both the New Zealand and Oceanic under 17 titles and the prized Kendall cup series earlier this year Xanthe is definitely a name to watch.

In August she will be joining the International Competition once again travelling to the Netherlands to compete in the 2012 Techno World Championships. Whilst over there she is hoping to get extra training in with some of the European teams and also race in the Baltic regatta, Poland.
Having Windsurfing dropped from The Olympics this year has been a big blow but Xanthe has adopted a really positive attitude, focusing her attention on the World Championships and the other six competitions she has over the next seven months (which include another crack at the Australian Youth trials and Down Under Series).
She will also be competing to retain the Kendall Cup once again next year, competing in six regattas during the New Zealand sailing season.
Xanthe is heavily involved in her home club, Naval Point Club Lyttelton, playing a major part in the promotion of Windsurfing as a fun and competitive sailing option. She has been helping alongside local Windsports club, Windsurf New Zealand and Yachting New Zealand to make this happen, obviously seriously committed to the sport! She is now into her second season of teaching ‘Learn to Windsurf’ at the club, loving introducing children and adults to the sport that means so much to her, as well as helping out at the Club and Estuary as much as she can.
We are delighted to support Xanthe, and have her as part of the Seventhwave team.

Xanthe also has support from the following companies:

2012 TECHNO 293 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS - 11th to 18th August 2012
International Sailing Center Medemblik, Netherlands

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MOSA awarded in Kaikoura

Pumping waves at the Kaikoura Surf Classic on Queens Birthday made it hard for judges to decide who should be crowned the Seventhwave Most Outstanding Surfer Award (MOSA). There were a host of Kaikoura locals in line for the award, including Richard Baxter and Seventhwave's Al TeMoananui, who both charged through some amazing barrels at Kahutara on Day One. But the deserved winner was another Kaikoura local, Nigel Wiseman. Nigel charged the entire comp with passion and flair, and found himself 3rd in the Open final. Congrats Nigel!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Whale Watch Kaikoura Surf Classic June 2012

Kaikoura played host to the final round of the South Island surf circuit for 2012, on Queens birthday weekend. Day 1 was a beautiful sunny day with little wind down at the K, the ocean rolling beautiful double overheads at the beach for the masters, juniors, seniors & grand masters heats. Day 2 another lovely sunny day at Kahutara, swell having dropped to 3ft producing an awesome field for the womans, cadets and longboard heats. Day 3 was held at Meatworks, Meaties had possibly its best waves of the year on display, late morning was pumping to say the least, semi finalists able to showcase there skill on the great waves. 2pm Day 3 the southerly hit kaikoura during the Masters final and completely flattened & slopped the waves at meatworks, the competition was moved up the coast to Mangamaunu, where the bay sheltered the bitter southerly and provided long rides for the finals.

Kaikoura Boardriders Club spokesman Brent Proctor said the conditions were arguably the best ever for the three-day event, a permanent fixture in the Kaikoura diary for Queen's Birthday Weekend. 

A number of Seventhwave team riders traveled north to the event, you can see many of them in the video showing off their Custom Wetsuits.
Look out for Luke O'Neill, Al Te Moananui (Bright Yellow) and Niwa Ututaonga.

For more info and pics check out

Mount Lyford/Whaler Grand Masters: 1 Richard Baxter (Kaikoura), 2 Neil Robb (Sumner), John Roussey (North New Brighton), 4 Tony Low (North New Brighton).

Encounter Kaikoura/Southern Paua Cadets: 1 Jared Crawford, 2 Max Marshall (Sumner), 3 Harrison Whiteside (Redcliffs), 4 Niwa Ututaonga (Sumner).

Surge Surfboards/Pacific Pools Seniors: 1 Haden Brain (Kaikoura), 2 Nick Black (North New Brighton), 3 Josh Thickpenny (Dunedin), 4 Dane Robertson (Kaikoura).

McCrory Plumbing Longboards: 1 Nash Robertson (Kaikoura), 2 Ambrose McNeill (Sumner), 3 Josh Martin (Westport), 4 Matt McCrory (Kaikoura).

R&R Sport Juniors: 1 Hugh Ritchie (North New Brighton), 2 Jacob Kohn (Gisborne), 3 Harrison Whiteside (Redcliffs), 4 Cody McClusker (Kaiapoi).

Te Aroha/Board Silly Women's Open: 1 Alethea Lock (Sumner), 2 Haley Baxter (Kaikoura), 3 Leilani Brain (Kaikoura), 4 Tammi Martin (Kaikoura).

Whale Watch Kaikoura Men's Open: 1 Hayden Brain (Kaikoura), 2 Anthony Hema (Westport), 3 Nigel Wiseman (Kaikoura), 4 Dane Robertson (Kaikoura).

Monkey business/Ace 4WD Masters: 1 Dave Lyons (Kaikoura), 2 Al Te Moananui (Kaikoura), 3 Richard Baxter (Kaikoura), 4 Aaron Surgenor (Kaikoura).

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Worse for wear at Worser Bay

Seventhwave recently got behind the Worser Bay Boat Club Hebtro Trophy Day, held in Wellington. Once again the weather turned on one heck of a show, as Maurice Scott writes:

Over the twenty one years of Hebtro Trophy Day we have struck atrocious weather that has forced the cancellation of the key feature, the keelboat race, on only three or four occasions. Fortunately we have become rather adept at working around this and such was the case this year. Extended talks by our two special guests Dr Lyndall Patterson and Andrew Fagan (see, followed by an extensive auction, and then a series of three races for parents in their children’s Optimist Dinghies all contributed to a successful and entertaining day, despite the weather – suffice to say there was a fair amount of carnage in the Optimist races!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

13-year-old Xavier Campbell wins MOSA #3

The Seventhwave Most Outstanding Surfer Award (MOSA) had another first recently, with the award being taken out by Xavier Campbell at the 2012 Canterbury Champs. The 13-year-old's outstanding surfing—noticeably improved and honed through the summer season—makes Xavier our youngest winner, and highlights the depth of skill coming up through the South Island ranks.

Indeed, Xavier had to fight of a host of other groms nipping at his heels for the award, especially Nick Takarama and Jack Wilson. These guys have obviously been practicing, and a friendly competitive rivalry has seen the overall level of youth surfing develop in leaps and bounds.

Seventhwave has always supported up-and-coming groms, so we're stoked to see Xavier take out MOSA #3. Will it be another grom at the Nationals in Dunedin this weekend?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

All SEWN up in Sumner

Close to one hundred happy film-goers turned up to Sumner's iconic Hollywood cinema last Friday to witness the first New Zealand longboarding film in over a decade: SEWN. The fact that only three seats were left in the theatre is a testament to the buzz this movie has created, and viewers weren't disappointed. After an introduction from film maker Nicolas Brikke, we were treated to a well paced, well edited and interesting documentary canvasing four corners of the North Island and a few hand-picked inhabitants.

There was a good balance of storytelling and surfing, and both were interesting in their own right. Nicholas had done a lot of work getting to know the interviewee's and earning their respect, and you could tell. Humour, birth, belonging, place, community—all themes that were skillfully investigated without being forced, and which left us wanting to know more. Indeed, the film could have been slightly longer without losing our attention, a nod to the year's worth of editing. The surfing — a range of waves and different boards, all ridden with a different twist — was great to watch, and was reinforced with some memorable quotes on the nature of board ridding, and what it actually means to ride a longboard. Surfers? Tanner and Lillis' styles shone through in this one, but all surfers had a more than enjoyable section.

Coupled with the personalism and surfing footage was a decent dose of kiwiana — scenery shots, indigenous perspectives, and a home grown soundtrack (featuring the Phoenix Foundation and others). The result? SEWN is a great documentary that should be watched by longboarders and the non-surfer alike. Think Endless Summer appeal but in a New Zealand context; the kind of movie you could show the entire whanau without getting bored yourself.

After Q&A with Brikke, the night ended with an after party at The Thirsty Mariner, where punters enjoyed beers and bonus features from the film. Favourites were the wipeouts, the timelaspe segment, and Roger Hall's wooden surfboard process.

If you missed this live, then be sure to grab yourself the DVD. You won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Winter blues? ISOmag wetsuit review

It's a fact many of us don't want to hear, but nonetheless, winter is on its way. Yet with the cold comes better waves and less crowds, especially in the South Island. It also means it's winter wetsuit season. To get you in a better mood about the chilly climate ahead, here's a 2011 review of the MAX 3/3 GS ZB Steamer from ISOmag, New Zealand's premier bodyboarding magazine. [Click image to enlarge]

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Paige Hareb: testing our X-Over across the ditch

When Paige Hareb—kiwi World Tour surfing competitor and all around good sort—contacted us about trying out some Seventhwave gear, we didn't have to think twice. Before jumping on a plane to Australia for the Pro events of 2012, Paige did a quick measure up and sent us in her measurements. We made sure our X-Over Short John and a few other goodies were on the next flight via Lynne Dickinson of Pacific Media [Curl Magazine]. "I really love the blue and pink short john and how it looks at the back without a zip etc, very cool!!" wrote Paige. "Awesome!" Our lightweight rubber obviously helped her get off the ground in that second shot...

Unfortunately Paige has just fallen short of the Quaters at the ROXY event at Snapper Rocks, but she now heads to Bells Beach for event number two of the circuit. Seventhwave wish her all the best for the rest of 2012!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Most Outstanding Surfer Award: Dave Watkins takes Gold in Greymouth

The Seventhwave Most Outstanding Surfer Award (MOSA) is proving to be popular with the South Island Circuit competitors. At the Westport Cape Classic Anthony Hema took out the Grand Prize of a customised wetsuit of his choosing, and punters were poised for another round of judging in Greymouth.

Held over Waitangi Weekend, the waves on offer at Cobden meant many contenders were in the running. In the end, it was Dave Watkins who pipped James Washer and Sam Sands for the second-ever MOSA award. His outstanding surfing was a step up in personal performance, and he was unlucky not to progress further (incurring an interference in the Seniors). Hopefully a customised suit is some consolation.

Next up: the Canterbury Champs in March.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kahuna Boardrider's 30th Anniversary of the Go For Gold

The ‘Go For Gold’ surfing contest is held annually by the Kahuna Boardriders club as part of the South Island Surfing Circuit. 2012 marked a proud milestone for the club, who have been combining friendly West Coast hospitality and amazing surf locations for a whopping 30 years! And 2012 was no different, with fun waves, collective camaraderie and surfing stoke on offer for competitors and spectators alike

Eleven events—including a special invitational for past winners and significant VIP’s from the club history—plus Kahuna's 31st Reunion, brought a great crowd of friends and family together over Waitangi weekend. JC Susan took out the Men's Open, but thanks to the hospitality of Kahuna Boardrider's, everyone was a winner (as the cliche goes). Photos can be found on SISA's Facebook page, or at Jules Photography.

Another great aspect of the 2012 Go For Gold was the KBC Story Competition, which encouraged people to write down their thoughts, in order to help regain some of the Club’s history. There were some great stories read aloud on Reunion night, but the winning entry was 'Cobden Tip', an emotive address by Simon Ashby who played tribute to those who were no longer with us:


20 years I have known the Kahuna Board Riders

And in that time I have seen some funny things, and some awesome transformations of our club rooms.

The funniest time was when Gareth Royal's mum packed his lunch and he went surfing. Then Lewis, Cory, George and Andy ate it. He came back and punched Lewis in the nose. While Andy, Cory, George were having a good old laugh.

I remember one of the club members shaved off Gene's eyebrow and took all his clothes when he was pissed one night. The next morning as I was driving towards the club I saw Gene naked and running home! That's why I watch my back sometimes around here.
That was a funny sight!

Surfing is part of life, so is friendship, I call it stress-free living.

I have met and welcomed heaps of people at the Cobden tip over the years. I have used the sea for training young Brodie and now he's growing up to be our hopeful surfer with others like Nathan and Dion - I'm very proud of them.

The 'Vai Riders Cold Water' is a small competition, run by myself and the local team, the most awesome crew ever! They always support me, so many thanks to the Vai Riders.

And now?
I sit on the chair we made, watching the bright red sunset, and taking a moment, as tears run down my face, I ask myself questions, and say "I wish"

I wish Kane was here
I wish Gleno was here
I wish Toast was here
I wish Pete was here
I wish Callum was here
I wish Kylie Skeats was here
I wish my girlfreind was here to see what I've done,
I wish our fathers, mothers, brothers, & partners were here to see what we have done, that we've lost so much, in the past.

Just the cold offshore wind, makes it clear to me, of their presence.
I am so lucky to live here in Cobden and you all too, this is my home and yours.

I wish you all the best time tonight and welcome you all to the 31st Anniversary of Kahauna Boardriders.

Your's Simo

Thanks to Kahuna Boardrider's for their 30 years of hospitality and hard work. See you in 2013!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Meet our newest team rider...

Meet a very special Seventhwave ambassador, Hunter (Seventhwave) Thomson. In between chewing parking cones and tangling staff in lead, Hunter likes to hit his local spot, Lake Benmore—most summers he can be spotted charging there, wearing a custom-made buoyancy vest to match his boat. Hunter also likes bones and scraps of all kinds.