Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kahuna Boardrider's 30th Anniversary of the Go For Gold

The ‘Go For Gold’ surfing contest is held annually by the Kahuna Boardriders club as part of the South Island Surfing Circuit. 2012 marked a proud milestone for the club, who have been combining friendly West Coast hospitality and amazing surf locations for a whopping 30 years! And 2012 was no different, with fun waves, collective camaraderie and surfing stoke on offer for competitors and spectators alike

Eleven events—including a special invitational for past winners and significant VIP’s from the club history—plus Kahuna's 31st Reunion, brought a great crowd of friends and family together over Waitangi weekend. JC Susan took out the Men's Open, but thanks to the hospitality of Kahuna Boardrider's, everyone was a winner (as the cliche goes). Photos can be found on SISA's Facebook page, or at Jules Photography.

Another great aspect of the 2012 Go For Gold was the KBC Story Competition, which encouraged people to write down their thoughts, in order to help regain some of the Club’s history. There were some great stories read aloud on Reunion night, but the winning entry was 'Cobden Tip', an emotive address by Simon Ashby who played tribute to those who were no longer with us:


20 years I have known the Kahuna Board Riders

And in that time I have seen some funny things, and some awesome transformations of our club rooms.

The funniest time was when Gareth Royal's mum packed his lunch and he went surfing. Then Lewis, Cory, George and Andy ate it. He came back and punched Lewis in the nose. While Andy, Cory, George were having a good old laugh.

I remember one of the club members shaved off Gene's eyebrow and took all his clothes when he was pissed one night. The next morning as I was driving towards the club I saw Gene naked and running home! That's why I watch my back sometimes around here.
That was a funny sight!

Surfing is part of life, so is friendship, I call it stress-free living.

I have met and welcomed heaps of people at the Cobden tip over the years. I have used the sea for training young Brodie and now he's growing up to be our hopeful surfer with others like Nathan and Dion - I'm very proud of them.

The 'Vai Riders Cold Water' is a small competition, run by myself and the local team, the most awesome crew ever! They always support me, so many thanks to the Vai Riders.

And now?
I sit on the chair we made, watching the bright red sunset, and taking a moment, as tears run down my face, I ask myself questions, and say "I wish"

I wish Kane was here
I wish Gleno was here
I wish Toast was here
I wish Pete was here
I wish Callum was here
I wish Kylie Skeats was here
I wish my girlfreind was here to see what I've done,
I wish our fathers, mothers, brothers, & partners were here to see what we have done, that we've lost so much, in the past.

Just the cold offshore wind, makes it clear to me, of their presence.
I am so lucky to live here in Cobden and you all too, this is my home and yours.

I wish you all the best time tonight and welcome you all to the 31st Anniversary of Kahauna Boardriders.

Your's Simo

Thanks to Kahuna Boardrider's for their 30 years of hospitality and hard work. See you in 2013!

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