Friday, January 31, 2014

Wetsuit Tip #6: Go Custom and turn up the heat

Wetsuits have come a long way since their birth in the early 1950's. New construction methods, patterns and materials have enabled wetsuits to become warmer, lighter and more flexible.

Not only can you walk into most good surf stores these days and get kitted out with almost everything from a warm water vest for the tropics through to the full hoods and booties setup for the cold, you can even get a wetsuit made from scratch - a custom fit wetsuit, made to your measurements and local break requirements that's a perfect fit for your body and a perfect match for your local conditions.

What's the most critical feature of a comfy wetsuit? It needs to fit. Fit is the most important factor for maximum warmth and flexibility — you can have all the bells and whistles but if it doesn’t fit you’ve wasted your money. A bad fit means your wetsuit will flush water, bunch up and not keep you warm, preventing you reaching your peak in the water.

A Custom-fit Seventhwave wetsuit is made to fit your shape and size. They are made from imported Yamamoto neoprene from Japan. Yamamoto neoprene is made from the calcium found in Limestone and is very lightweight compared to the original type of neoprene made from oil. See the history of neoprene section on our website [here].

Every Seventhwave wetsuit is cut, printed and sewn by hand, right here on site, in Christchurch, New Zealand. Orders are received online via the Seventhwave website. Customers complete an online order for their desired wetsuit model and then forward the completed Custom-Fit form with their details.

Seventhwave Wetsuits - 243 Dyers Road, Christchurch, New Zealand

A Custom-Fit wetsuit does not just address the fit, but also takes into consideration the thickness, colours and any special features you may need. It is a highly individualised process and unique to every customer.

A Max ZB in the custom-fit process - The white chalk line is the alteration, in this case narrowing down the bicep.
On receipt of your completed Custom-Fit form, your measurements are run through our in-house system, which entails; comparing your measurements and body shape with previous customers. This enables us to see differences between new and previous customers and make the necessary adjustments.
The pattern is drawn onto neoprene sheets and all your custom alterations are made by the custom team before your wetsuit is cut for production.

The blindstitch machine in action
The wetsuit is then cut, printed and stitched. The wetsuit pictured is the MAX winter model, which means the seams are double glued and blind-stitched with a curved needle. This ensures the seams are water tight as the needle never passes right through the neoprene. The inside seams of this particular model are then completely lined with heat tape for added warmth and comfort.

At Seventhwave, every detail is checked and re-checked
Over 25 years of wetsuit-making experience goes into each suit, and Seventhwave’s artisan touch means each wetsuit is finished to the highest possible standard. How many wetsuits have you owned that didn’t even have the ends of the stitching tied down? At Seventhwave every detail — from thread ends to the end product — is checked and re-checked. That’s why we have a warranty on the construction and workmanship on all Seventhwave wetsuits.

Finished wetsuit, ready for dispatch
The Seventhwave website is comprehensive and makes the process easy to follow and complete. With the distance barrier removed, as the customer no longer has to visit to get a custom, Seventhwave have made custom wetsuits for people all over the world.  The measurement chart, online process and free worldwide shipping have seen wetsuits sent to Peru, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, Japan and even Switzerland.

Custom-Fit - Online - Worldwide

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Seventhwave Wetsuits are made in New Zealand from Japanese Yamamoto Limestone neoprene.
We are different because we make each wetsuit Custom-Fit to the customers measurements. We like to get your measurements and details and then custom make your preferred wetsuit model and thickness to your exact size and shape. We think that's why we get such good feedback from our customers, many of whom come back again and again. To own a Seventhwave wetsuit is to support New Zealand made, to stand up for quality and to experience water sports in a new and warmer way.

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