Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Feedback: from the Surfer magazine forum

Google is an amazing thing. Trawling the internet yesterday resulted in this wee gem — posted by 'Silly' on the Surfer Magazine forum. Thanks Silly, whoever you are!

"seventhwave is for real
they make great wetsuits that last for many seasons
2 of my mates got 2006 xcels cuz we like their booties
but both wetties fell apart first season very disapointed
get a seventhwave you wont regret it

also both seventh wave and bodyline make suits for tall skiny guys
im 6 3 and and skinny ...
all the name brands are for shortarses
i need to get xxls and they are to loose on me

seventhwave is a very popular suit on the eastcoast of the south island and the Caitlin's

some of the coldest and heaviest waves round

i dont need their top of the line suit up in the north but if i ever move to dunnos (ice cream headaches for 8 months a year and 4/3 all year round)
then seventhwave would be my suit of choice by a country mile"

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