Friday, March 1, 2013

James Washer wins Seventhwave MOSA Award at Go For Gold Greymouth


The Greymouth Go For Gold was held over Friday and Saturday 22nd-23rd of February 2013. The competition was a roaring success with pumping waves and great weather. Congratulations to Levi and the other division winners and all those who competed well during the contest.

The Seventhwave Most Outstanding Surfer Award (MOSA) was once again up for grabs by any one of the contestants in the competition. The MOSA is awarded by the judges decision and goes to the competitor who demonstrates the highest degree of outstanding individual performance throughout the weekend of competition.

The 3 contenders for the MOSA prize were...

Ruben Lyons (8yr old from Kaikoura in his first SISA contest) had been watched the weekend before at the Grom comp in Kaikoura which was his first contest and he showed so much more confidence and surfed much better.

Next was the oldest competitor Steve Newby. A long time Kahuna Boardrider, who waits patiently for the waves and when they come he has the ability to hit the lip and slash the face. Steve, who will be 56 later this month, usually catches just the 2 waves required as he is up against younger competitors in the Grand Masters which is over 45 and usually gets piped at the post. He is a legend and a great surfer who has been surfing for a very long time.

However the winner was another Kahuna boy, James Washer.  James surfs fluidly in the pocket and has the ability to crack the lip, he always surfs well and looks good during his heats however when it gets tight at the end of the semis or final someone else takes it from him, a loyal club member and a nice guy.

Congratulations James. Just complete the Custom-Fit form [here] and your wetsuit will be 10 days away.

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