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Wetsuit Tip #10: How to: Thrive and survive in cold water

As the days get shorter the water temperature starts to cool you can tell winter is on the way. Winter time often brings the best surf and the least crowds in the water. And if you're not into the waves but paddling the lakes and rivers you will be also be thinking about the increasing colder water temps. What to do? The key is to keep your core body temp up. A good fitting wetsuit is definitely a great start but you need to cover the extremities. Just like you need a hat, coat and gloves to venture outside at an alpine ski village you need the same kind of accessories for your water activity.

Here's a sampling of our products to keep you covered through the cold season.

L to R Arctic hood, Surf Cap, Ice Hood

80% of your heat escapes from your head and that's not an old wives tale.
Without a hood its like having all the doors in your house open in the middle of winter when you've got the heater and fire going. It's a no brainer...

We make four models depending on your requirements.  

Surf Cap
2mm neoprene covering your ears and noggin only this is made for those who don't like the claustrophobic feel of a full hood. [View here]

Lite Ti Hood 
Very thin, titanium lined and great if you wear a helmet. [View here]

Ice Hood 
Flexible and warm with a generous window, made from "smoothie" neoprene. [View here]

Arctic Hood
Titanium-lined 3mm super stretch neoprene and super warm. [View here]

Rob Allen Gloves (left) Xcel Infiniti Gloves (right)

Gloves come in varied styles and thicknesses, including webbed gloves. We have Xcel and Rob Allen gloves in stock.

2.5mm Rob Allen Spider 
A general purpose water sport glove. Made from super stretch 2.5mm neoprene. [View here]

Xcel 3mm Infiniti Surf Gloves
3mm thick surf gloves with a quick dry lining and grippy palm. 

2mm Fin Sox (left), Atlantis Icon Boots (centre), Xcel Infiniti Boots (right)

Again there are various models out there. It's best to go for a firmer than looser fit as your feet contract in the cold. For surfing we recommend the Xcel style as they feature a split toe to help with feeling on the deck of your surfboard.
The Atlantis range has a harder sole designed for diving, kayaking or boating.
Fin Sox are designed to be worn under fins, usually when bodyboarding, bodysurfing or diving.

3mm Xcel Axis Surf Boots
A basic, "no frills" 3mm boot. [View here]

3mm Xcel Infinity Surf Boots
Thin enough to surf naturally whilst still retaining heat. [View here]
5mm Xcel Infinity Surf Boots
For those who need extra warmth. [View here]

Icon Boots
5mm neoprene with a side zipper, black rubber non slip ripple sole and rubber toe cap. [View here]
Quest Boots
5mm neoprene with a side zipper, non-slip white soles designed to not mark boat decks. [View here]
Legacy Boots
Extra tough "hard-sure" grip sole ideal for shore divers, jet skiers and rock hoppers or slipway regulars. [View here]

Fin Sox
2mm Flatlock Sox
2mm neoprene to protect and give warmth under swim fins and can even be worn under shoes for extra warmth in cold conditions [View here]

3mm Sealed Sox
3mm titanium lined neoprene socks for even more warmth. [View here]

Clip'n Drip

Clip'n Drip Glove and bootie hangers were designed to make it easier and faster to dry your boots and gloves. (no one likes putting their hands and feet into wet boots and gloves)
The Clip n' Drip hangers hang your boots and gloves in prime drying position without the need to use damaging pegs. Get one free with any boot or glove purchase from Seventhwave.

What wetsuit for me? interactive product finder

What wetsuit for me?' is a question we get asked everyday. So we've developed an interactive product finder to fulfill your needs. By following 2 easy steps the product finder will suggest a range of products that match your unique conditions. Whether you're surfing in freezing waters or wakeboarding on a summery Saturday morning, we've got you covered. Give it a whirl!

What do others say about their Seventhwave gear?

"My Seventhwave "quiver" of gear has grown over the last few years and all of it has given relentless performance and kept me very warm. I'm always getting good comments and asked about my wetsuits and especially the Surf All Day Vest.[more:]"

Craig Morgan
Ohope Beach Bay of Plenty

"I love my Seventhwave wetsuits, they are so warm: when I'm out in the water with my mates they are freezing in their 3x2 big name brand suits and I have my 2x2 Seventhwave suit on and so toastie. I've tried a lot of brands of suits and I think the quality of the Seventhwave suits is the best, from the kneepads to the neoprene.[more:]"

Michael van der Klooster
Bells Beach, Victoria, Australia

"These shorts are perfect for getting out on your SUP when you don’t want to look like a Russian gymnast. I loved these and made plenty of use in them in the surf. A great alternative to boardies when the water’s chilling down and the boys need warming.[more:]"

From Smorgasboarder #11, the All Black Issue.

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