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Time for a tropical holiday

Got the wintertime blues? Winter is taking a strong grip here and winter wetsuits are definitely the main item on the agenda. But we've have had several lucky customers getting sorted with lighter weight gear before heading off on a Pacific island winter escape holiday.

So many in fact, it made us realize how different we all are in our needs for light weight gear options in warmer waters. Even warm water has a cooling effect on your body temperature after a modest amount of time. You need some protection to make that sojourn into warm water all the more pleasurable and enjoyable.

An important thing to think about in warm temperatures is sun and wind protection—even on a warm day a cold breeze can cool you quickly. Don't forget, if you keep warm you can spend more time in the water - possibly catching more waves.

Below we have listed our favourite combinations for warm water activities.

Seventhwave light gear options and combinations

1. SUP Water Shorts - Surf All Day Vest - Titanium Hot Top combination.
SUP Water Shorts are a styley two-in-one wetsuit board short combo. Featuring side pockets and a cargo pocket for extra storage. Warmth and protection right where you need it.

The 'Surf All Day' vest can be worn over your wetsuit or with boardies depending on the season. Featuring a 2 litre on back hydration bladder and nifty pockets to take your camera and a couple of museli bars. Just what the Doctor ordered!

Titanium Hot Top's are pure magic. They are a thin, versatile top that can be worn by themselves for warmth, wind and sun protection in summer, or under your existing wetsuit to make a huge difference in terms of heat retention during winter.

2. Titanium Pants - Retro Jacket.
The Retro Jacket is smooth, sleek and stylish and will have you carving and cruising through any bitter wind or sea breeze this summer, whether you are on a longboard, shortboard or SUP.
Combine with the Titanium Pants that are 0.5mm thick and you'll be amazed at the warmth and flexibility of your outfit.

3. Sandy X-over short john - Rocky Short John (men's option)
The Sandy X-over is the summer onesie wetsuit that looks amazing on and is so flattering in all sizes. Zip-free entry system designed to slip on easily. Get in her good books with this functional, fashionable stylish number. Customizable with a full range of colours and show personality and flair. The Rocky version is the latest new style men's option just released.

4. Long John and Hot Top combination
The Long John delivers a hard-wearing, tough, long-lasting wetsuit designed to maximize your water experience and make it more enjoyable. Increase the warmth factor by combining it with a Titanium Hot Top and you'll have coverage for most conditions.

5. Buoyancy / Hydration Vest
The best for rib protection and flotation. The Buoyancy Hydration Vest is made to aid in flotation without sacrificing movement and performance, and combines the hydration features of the Surf All Day Vest. Constructed from hard wearing 2mm Yamamoto #38 neoprene around an inner of 10mm foam core — this item is designed for buoyancy without the bulk. Perfect for those who are confident on the lake, in the boat or kayak, or on the jetski.

6. Lightweight steamer wetsuit option
The Max Comp 1.5mm Titanium wetsuit comes in short sleeve or long sleeve. This suit is perfect for those wanting coverage in the warmer months without being weighed down by too much neoprene. Weighing in at 800grms it really is light and toasty and will keep you humming all day.

7. Winter wetsuit or full suit
The Max Titanium G&S Steamer is the ultimate in design and is fully charged with all the possible features you need for a limitless winter surfing experience. The entire suit is lined with a super thin heat retaining film called Titanium Alloy Alpha that reflects your body heat and also keeps out the cold. Every time you move, paddle, or expel energy, your thermal heat is reflected back to you—increasing heat retention by an amazing 40%.
8. Sea Specs Extreme Sport Sunglasses
These Sea Specs sunglasses you won't loose while out on the water. Featuring an adjustable head strap that just won't let go of your head. Polarized, lightweight, extreme sunglasses specifically designed for outdoor watersports.

If you are into a mixture of water sport activities all with different requirements you can find 
What Wetsuit For Me? How to find the perfect wetsuit for your water sport

What wetsuit for me? interactive product finder

What wetsuit for me?' is a question we get asked everyday. So we've developed an interactive product finder to fulfill your needs. By following 2 easy steps the product finder will suggest a range of products that match your unique conditions. Whether you're surfing in freezing waters or wakeboarding on a summery Saturday morning, we've got you covered. Give it a whirl!

What do others say about their Seventhwave gear?

"My Seventhwave "quiver" of gear has grown over the last few years and all of it has given relentless performance and kept me very warm. I'm always getting good comments and asked about my wetsuits and especially the Surf All Day Vest.[more:]"

Craig Morgan
Ohope Beach Bay of Plenty

"I love my Seventhwave wetsuits, they are so warm: when I'm out in the water with my mates they are freezing in their 3x2 big name brand suits and I have my 2x2 Seventhwave suit on and so toastie. I've tried a lot of brands of suits and I think the quality of the Seventhwave suits is the best, from the kneepads to the neoprene.[more:]"

Michael van der Klooster
Bells Beach, Victoria, Australia

"These shorts are perfect for getting out on your SUP when you don’t want to look like a Russian gymnast. I loved these and made plenty of use in them in the surf. A great alternative to boardies when the water’s chilling down and the boys need warming.[more:]"

From Smorgasboarder #11, the All Black Issue.

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