Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wetsuit Tip #4: How to fold up and pack a wetsuit.

Follow this technique to minimize any creasing and damage with your wetsuit. Especially when packing for travel. If storing your wetsuit for long periods avoid placing heavy or sharp objects on or near your wetsuit.

If your wetsuit is a neck entry (chest zip or ZB style) leave the zip undone.
If its a back zip wetsuit, do the zip up.

1. Lay the wetsuit face down on a flat surface.

2. Fold the lower legs back at the knee area. (The same place your knee folds)

3. Fold the arms back on an angle to the waist - they crisscross.

4. Fold in half backwards at the waist.

5. Wetsuit is now folded into a tidy little package and will slide into a bag of fit into a carton.

6. If you need to fit into a courier bag, fold in half again to make it smaller.

Wetsuit Storage

The best way to store wetsuits is flat (with no weight on them) or on a smooth plastic coat hanger. Do not use a thin wire hanger. It will damage the shoulder area very quickly.

The perfect way to hang your wetsuit is with a  Ventilator Quick Dry Hanger. The hanger is designed to hold your wetsuit open to increase circulation and speed up the drying process.

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