Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wetsuit Tip #8: Harness the power of titanium

Technology has taken us to many new and exciting places – and often in unexpected ways.

Who would've thought that research done for the US space program back in the day would now be helping surfers to stay warmer in the water for longer! It sounds strange – but it's true.

Titanium-lined neoprene was developed by Japan's Yamamoto Corporation in the 1980s.

With this technology – based on NASA research aimed at reducing overheating during spaceship re-entry –  a thin Titanium Alpha metallic alloy coating is applied to the neoprene surface before the bonding of the outer  fabric.

The Titanium looks like a coating of silvery-grey paint.  Like all good ideas it's pretty simple, but it works.

In the water, as the thermal heat generated by your body tries to escape the wetsuit it hits the Titanium-lining that reflects the heat back towards you.

This happens continually. So every time you move, paddle, or expel energy, more heat is created inside your suit and reflected back to you—increasing heat retention by up to an amazing 40%.
How Titanium lined neoprene works. Source: Yamamoto Corporation

The great advantage is you can wear a much thinner, lighter wetsuit without compromising warmth.
The thinner the suit, the more flexible you are. You'll have more energy and power. Your paddle efficiency will sky rocket! You will catch more waves! 

At Seventhwave we use Yamamoto's Titanium lining in all our top-line models and extensively in our lightweight Titanium Lite Gear range. 

So next time you are looking to replace an old wetsuit or thinking of adding a whole new dimension to your water sports, consider the benefits of wearing a Titanium-lined limestone neoprene wetsuit from Seventhwave and experience the Power of Titanium.


What do others say about their Seventhwave gear?

"Just had my first surf wearing that Seventhwave Hot Top which arrived over a week ago - The Hot Top turned an ordinary steamer into a toaster - really comfortable, easy to pull the suit over and I had the warmest session ever in small waves. Cant fault the build and the fit. Love that neck which seals and is so comfortable. Thanks for the prompt shipping and the emails regarding proper fit."
Cheers and thanks, Willie Burgess, Sydney, Australia 

"Eighteen months ago I purchased a MAX 2mm custom made Titanium wetsuit from Seventhwave, along with a Titanium Hot Top. Since then I have more than doubled the time I can spend in the water, even at temperatures of 16 to 20˚C. I recently added an Arctic Hood, 2mm gloves and a pair of 2mm Fin Sox. This can effectively triple my time in the water.

My Seventhwave Titanium wettie is the warmest, most comfortable suit I have ever worn. An added bonus is the after sales service at Seventhwave, which is really good."

Colleen Nacson, Sydney, Australia


Seventhwave Wetsuits are made in New Zealand from Yamamoto Limestone neoprene. Seventhwave Wetsuits are different because we make each wetsuit Custom-Fit, to the customers measurements. We like to get your measurements and details and then custom make your preferred wetsuit model and thickness to your exact size and shape. We think that's why we get such good feedback from our customers, many of whom come back again and again. To own a Seventhwave wetsuit is to support New Zealand made, to stand up for quality and to experience water sports in a warmer way.

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