Friday, June 27, 2014

Cycle Booties and Toe Covers - keep your feet warm and dry

Whether you're a daily commuter or a lightning fast racer, mountain biker or weekend warrior.
If you are an all year round cyclist, chances are, you sometimes find your feet get a bit cold and even wet.
We decided to design something that's easy to use, lightweight and protects your feet from the elements.
The Seventhwave Cycle Booties and Cycle Toe Covers are made from 2mm Yamamoto Neoprene, and come in either the high top Booties or low cut Toe Covers - depending on your preference.
Both styles keep your feet warm and dry. The Cycle Booties offer more coverage and seal your ankles from the rain.

Below are short videos showing how to use the Cycle Booties and Toe Covers. 

Click here to view and purchase the Cycle Booties online.

The beauty with the Cycle Booties and Toe Covers is that they can be used with any type of shoe, and any type of cleat system or none at all. You only need one pair to fit either your Road or MTB shoes.
Some customers even wear them over running shoes. (Please note this will wear out the bottom very quickly)

Click here to view and purchase the Cycle Toe Covers online.


Seventhwave Wetsuits are made in New Zealand from Yamamoto Limestone neoprene. Seventhwave Wetsuits are different because we make each wetsuit Custom-Fit, to the customers measurements. We like to get your measurements and details and then custom make your preferred wetsuit model and thickness to your exact size and shape. We think that's why we get such good feedback from our customers, many of whom come back again and again. To own a Seventhwave wetsuit is to support New Zealand made, to stand up for quality and to experience water sports in a warmer way.

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