Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Seventhwave in Cape Town, South Africa!

"To say that I am happy about my suit is an understatement, ecstatic would be more appropriate" writes Christophe from Cape Town. "I have found the solution to a 15 years dilemma. The perfect suit actually exists! I thought it was only a distant dream.

I put my MAX to task in the freezing Cape Town conditions over the weekend. For the first time EVER I had to leave the water because of tiredness instead of cold. I have always surfed in a 4/3 and on colder days supplemented this with a jersey, booties, hood and gloves. This was probably the 10th session in my Custom MAX, so far it has almost been too warm to wear.

Guys, you have changed my surfing life: I could never thank you enough

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