Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wetsuit Tip #1: How to remove wax from your wetsuit

A sign of good use more than decay, wax on your wetsuit can give you street cred but can also look a bit ratty. Thankfully there's an easy way to get rid of it.

In this video we'll walk you through the process of taking wax off your wetsuit.

Common areas that build up wax

Chest panel, bum, knees, elbows, hips/side panels (from carrying your board)

What you will need

- Household iron (no steam)

- Cloth or tea towel

Prepare the wetsuit:

- Make sure your wetsuit is clean, dry and odor free. Trust us - you need to wash your wetsuit before you iron it, the heat really makes them stink.

- Warm the iron up, set it to a low temperature, nylon setting.

Before you start:

Check if your wetsuit has any liquid taping or PVC kneepads as these areas will melt under heat. Test a small area to check if your wetsuit can take the heat. (all Seventhwave wetsuits will be ok)

Some wetsuit brands have a fluffy lining usually on the chest panel which will melt under heat. The same applies to wetsuits with liquid or rubber taped seams.
A type of lining to watch out for, common on Xcel and O'neill brands

How to do it:

Lay the tea towel or cloth over the area you wish to clean.
Iron over the waxy area and keep it moving, you should only need to do this for 10-15 seconds.
The melted wax will stick to the tea towel and easily lift off.

Repeat on any other areas that need cleaning.

Be careful not to get wax on the iron. A little bit of wax can go a long way and your mum/wife/girlfriend will be highly annoyed.

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Rooster said...

Nice. Keep these coming!

AmeliAmelia said...

Hi, can u just chuck the tea towel in the wash to get the wax off it??

inaka brett said...

awesome! just what I needed!!

Seventhwave Team said...

@Trevor Carson, You might need some nappy san or better still - use an old tea towel or rag.